Here is what a few of our satisfied customers says about our services:

“I have worked with Steve Altman and All-Pro Cleaning Services since 1991.
All-Pro not only provided ever increasing, varied and demanding janitorial and associated services for our offices during this period (of Growth) but was also able to seamlessly transition from one building to another. More importantly, All-Pro was able to successfully bid and gain additional contract work by providing customized, flexible, and demanding service for 24/7 customer service and telemarketing facilities as well as a distribution and assembly center.”

-Mark R., a local executive with a Fortune 500 Company

Another Customer Says:

“This letter is being written with regard to Steve Altman and All-Pro Cleaning Services Inc. All-Pro Cleaning currently provides and has provided services to our company the past 8-10 years. During this time frame, our relationship has grown as our business needs have diversified. During the course of our relationship with All-Pro Cleaning Services, we have required additional and more detailed service. For example, our company has modified our facilities in order to accommodate new, changing and growing customer demand. Further, our company has acquired additional facilities during the course of our relationship with All-Pro Cleaning.

At each phase, they have been up to the challenge and have met the demand without any slippage in service. …All-Pro Cleaning has provided our company with invaluable ideas and consultation about our cleaning needs.

Steve’s hands on approach, as well as the hands on approach of his team members, have provided valuable day-to-day interaction. Their friendly approach to servicing has provided a favorable bond between our employees and All-pro Cleaning.

-David, President
Cleveland, Ohio